Hazardous Tree Removal By R. L. Elliott Enterprises Inc. Tree Care in Chesterfield, Virginia

There is no doubt that trees add beauty to our environment. A large mature tree, that is planted in the right place, can add to the property value of your home. Unfortunately, if the tree has been planted in the wrong spot when it was small, it may now be considered a hazardous tree and ultimately be a danger you or your home. Determining safe tree placement that will add character and value to your property can be a difficult task for the average homeowner. Dealing with a hazardous tree that is like a ticking time bomb waiting to crash, is also a danger for most. For any tree care issues from placement, to trimming or even removal, a company such as R.L. Elliott Enterprises Inc. tree care in Chesterfield, Virginia, will give you professional advice to help you make the right decisions concerning your trees. Many people don’t realize that the small tree they want to plant near their home may turn into a large, dangerous eyesore when it’s full grown and looming over the roof line. Trees planted too close to the house can be a danger. High winds, ice or compromised health of the tree can all cause it to potentially fall on the roof, causing major damage. Tree roots can also damage the foundation of the home, as well as the septic tank. Proper tree placement is of utmost importance to ensure many years of enjoyment from your tree.

If a hazardous tree needs to be removed, it’s usually recommended to call a professional. Trees near the home can easily fall in an unexpected direction, when being removed, causing devastating consequences. A professional has the tools, equipment and expertise to remove your tree with the least amount of disruption to your home and yard. Most professional tree service companies also offer stump grinding after removing a tree. This ensures that the tree stump is well below ground level, leaving no unsightly stump and also makes yard work easier by alleviating the risk of hitting a hidden stump while mowing.

When planting a tree, always consider the mature tree size and root system. What looks pretty as a small tree can easily damage a yard, years down the road. When in doubt, contact a tree service, such as R.L. Elliott Enterprises Inc. tree care in Chesterfield, Virginia for professional advice on the care, placement, trimming and removal of any hazardous trees.

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