Guide to Choosing a Shuttle Service

Make it easier for your guests or employees to get where they need to go. Take care of their transportation needs by hiring a shuttle. Here’s a guide to help you pick the best vendor for your needs.

Think About the Location

Choose a local vendor. Find a shuttle service in Orange County that’s close to your guests or the venue. That way, they can get to the event or your location with ease. You won’t have to worry about them being stuck in traffic before they even pick up your group.

Check Their Experience

Look for a shuttle service that has handled client requests like yours for years. Their experience is easy to see in their efficiency, service quality, and knowledge. They know the best routes. They can provide an excellent and comfortable experience for your guests.

Ask About Their Fleet

How many guests do you have? Check the number of passengers that the shuttle service can accommodate. How many shuttles do you need? If you have a smaller or bigger group, reach out to the firm, and ask. They could provide a custom solution to your needs.

Consider Their Credentials

You want to make sure your people are safe. Does the shuttle service hire licensed chauffeurs? Is the company licensed to work in the area? Be sure to check on these things before you hire a vendor. That will allow you to ensure the safety of your people.

Explore Your Options

Go over the different types of shuttles that the vendor offers. Do they have luxury options? Are those a better match for the needs of your group? Some vendors can provide uniform shuttles that come with customized details or decorative touches. They’re aligned with stylistic themes, so they can work with your event. Ask about those options if you want to learn more. Black Diamond Valet Services

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