Going Through Mediation in Vienna

by | Apr 19, 2013 | Law And Legal

Many non-criminal legal cases such as divorce can be handled out of court through mediation. Mediation is more cost effective for both parties involved. When successful, it also means that both parties are happy with the outcome of the case. For this reason, choosing a mediator is an important decision that shouldn’t be looked over. When a divorce is pending, many times emotions are already high. Adding court dates and hearings on top of that can add unnecessary stress. The judge, many times, doesn’t get all of the information about the case before making his decision. Lawyers on both sides try to get the other side’s information thrown out on technicalities so only their information will be heard in court. This means that, depending on which side is more successful, the judge can be biased towards that side. The judge then reviews over the information they have been given and decided on the case outcome. This outcome stands, even if neither of the parties are happy. Mediation Vienna attempts to finish the case before it goes to court by providing the parties involved with a mediator to hear their case instead. When successful, both parties have come to an agreement on the outcome and are satisfied with the results. When attending mediation, one or both sides may have their attorneys with them. Your attorney will make sure that you get to say everything you need to say about your side of the case, and the mediator will listen to both sides. When all the information has been given to the mediator, he or she will recommend an outcome to both parties. Discussion can lead to adjustments on the recommendation of the mediator, and the mediator will take these adjustments into account. In a successful mediation, the mediator will make sure that both parties are satisfied, and there will be no court case necessary. The outcome, just like in a court hearing, is final. The difference with Mediation Vienna is that the mediator takes into account all the different points discussed, comes up with a solution, and then both parties discuss the proposed solution until a final solution is created that works well for both sides. When this is done, the clients save time, money, and unnecessary stress by not having to go to court to solve their differences.

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