Getting the Most from Your Rubber Tracks – Driving Tips

Does your excavator, backhoe, or skid steer run on tracks? Tracks give you exceptional traction and control in all kinds of conditions. However, they need regular maintenance if you want them to stay in good shape and give you few problems. Here are some important tips from your rubber track solutions experts in Fort Worth to help you get the most from your drive system.

Backing Up

If you are in search of rubber track solutions in Fort Worth, try to avoid running in reverse when possible. Your tracks are not made for backing up, and it can place a lot of stress on the track system. Remind your equipment operators about the importance of forward driving.

Take it Easy

Your track driven equipment can go through mud, snow, and rough terrain and keep on moving. However, you should not do things which may damage your tracks. For example, do not deliberately drive over potholes. Dot not run over curbs either.

Watch the Tracks

Operators must constantly monitor track positions. For example, if a rubber drive gets slightly off the track, it can cause a lot of damage. When you notice an off-track condition, the best rubber track solutions in Fort Worth involve taking the equipment out of service and re-adjustment.

Park in the Shade

When you park your equipment, try to keep it in the shade or inside a shelter. Rubber tracks can deteriorate quickly when exposed to constant ultraviolet light from sunshine.

Avoid Hazards

Try not to drive through contaminants like oil or gasoline. Chemicals can attack rubber tracks and weaken them. Make sure motor or hydraulic oil does not drip on your tracks. Avoid sharp and hard objects like rocks and other kinds of debris. Careful driving can keep your drive system in good condition.

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