Getting Help With Opossum Removal In Columbus, OH

A lot of forest land was cleared to build in urban areas. Unfortunately, creatures that live in the wild have nowhere to go. Many animals try to find refuge in peoples’ homes, and that is not good. Some animals carry diseases, and they like to build nests in attics and chimneys. Most homeowners do not know what to do about the furry visitors, and need the help of wildlife removal services. The Wildlife Control Company is one of Ohio’s most experienced removal services.

The service comes to the home, and tries to trap the invading animals. Some people may need Opossum Removal Service in Columbus, OH. Opossums are slow creatures, but they are good climbers. They like to live in attics, but they will settle for decks and sheds. Opossum Removal in Columbus, OH may be needed because the animals are making a mess of the yard with trash. They love to raid garbage cans, looking for food. Opossums have very large droppings, and they may carry parasites and diseases.

Some homeowners need Squirrel Removal. Squirrels cause a lot of problems, especially in the yard. They dig up patches of lawn or garden, stashing food for the winter. Squirrels eat plants, vegetables, grain and planted seeds, in the garden. It is not a pretty sight, when squirrels attack the bird feeder. Squirrels also carry parasites including fleas. Squirrels may also carry ringworm, a fungal infection. Pets, livestock and people can easily catch this fungus. Squirrels are rodents, and they like to chew on everything.

They will destroy gutters, insulation and siding. Squirrels have been known to strip the plastic casing off of electrical wires. The bare wires can spark a fire. Many people fail to realize that squirrels kill birds. They will eat bird eggs and nestlings, and take over the nest for their own. Wildlife Removal experts will inspect the home for damage. They select the best course of action, which usually involves setting traps. Most companies try to get rid of pests, as humanely as possible. If there is a problem with Opossum Removal in Columbus, OH, call a professional, The Wildlife Control Company. today.

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