Getting Divorced? Hire a Family Law Attorney in Washington, Indiana

by | Nov 28, 2013 | Lawyers and Law Firms

When a couple decides to end their marriage, it often becomes complicated and very contentious. Both spouses should hire a Family law attorney Washington Indiana to protect their rights and financial situation. Divorce is one of the top reasons that people have to file for bankruptcy. Making the transition from supporting one household to creating two homes can be a very difficult financial change. If there are children, then it becomes even more complicated. Couples are often shocked that they lose complete control over raising their children. Once they file for divorce, a judge becomes the final arbiter of what’s best for their children.

A person considering a divorce can Visit website of the Feavel Law Office to review the services they provide regarding divorce. They can help their client get their fair share of the wealth created during a marriage. While this may be a straight forward process when a home is appraised, it becomes less clear when a growing business is involved. If a husband and wife jointly own a business, they will have to decide if the business partnership can continue or how it has to end. Today’s blended families pose special problems. This may not be the first divorce for either spouse and there may additional former spouses who believe they have a financial interest as well.

Child custody and support can take up most of the time in a divorce case. A Family law attorney Washington Indiana will ensure that their client has fair access to their children. Fathers no longer automatically agree to give custody to the mother. If a father wants sole custody of their children, then their lawyer will make the case to the court that it’s in the children’s best interest. If a judge sees that the parents agree on a parenting strategy and can have a civil relationship, he may grant joint custody with each parent providing financial support as well. With many women making as much money as their husband, this can be an equitable solution. A family law attorney makes sure that all of the financial records are available to ensure a fair economic settlement for their client.

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