Getting Cash for Unused Industrial Electric Motors

If items like DC motors start to sit around with no immediate usefulness, it’s time to turn them into profit. Electric motor outlets are experienced in buying and selling unused or extra electric motors, gear reducers and transformers. They regularly assist factories and producers in disposing of the assets at a price far exceeding typical scrap prices.

What are DC Motors?

These motors run on direct current by converting it to mechanical energy, most often utilizing magnetic fields or electromagnetic windings, and change speed according to variations in voltage. A industrial DC motor is capable of adjustable speeds for use cases involving consistent or diminishing torque. Brushless motors are more efficient by avoiding friction and heat. Permanent magnet motors run on multiple power sources at multiple speeds. Stepper motors finely tune speeds with electrical pulses.

Upfront Profits for Surplus DC Industrial Motors

Due to evolving workflows or process upgrades, direct-current industrial motors can wind up stranded. Sellers of new and reconditioned motors will often pay upfront at competitive prices, including charges for transportation. There are alternative options to selling unused motors to scrap yards. A re-marketable motor might be worth a lot more than expected at an electric motors reseller.

The Highest Industry Standards

A company with decades in the business has access to rigorous testing and recondition methods at the highest standards. And not only do electric motor shops buy surplus DC electric motors, but they also provide new or reconditioned motors in a wide selection of motor sizes and types.

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