Getting A Moving Company Estimate In Memphis

One of the first steps in preparing a move from the Memphis area, particularly for a long distance move, is to hire a moving company. Not all movers are the same, and comparing the cost of the move and the services offered by the different moving companies can take some time.

Estimate Types

There are different types of estimates or quotes for the service a moving company may offer. The non-binding estimate is a general estimate that changes based on the actual weight on the truck. This is the least effective way for the customer to budget for the move, as the quoted amount and the actual amount can be very different, and there is limited room for negotiation once the household items are loaded on the truck.

A binding estimate from a moving company provides the customer with the exact amount to be charged for the services provided. Adding additional services or if issues arise during the move, such as additional stairs, inability to get the truck close to the location or even the need to use an elevator, can alter this price.

A binding not-to-exceed estimate is not as common in the Memphis area, but it is a good option for the customer. It provides a binding estimate for the company as the maximum amount for the move, but the price is lowered if there is less weight on the truck than anticipated when developing the estimate.

Home Surveys

There are different ways a moving company can complete the home survey for the estimate. A simple way is to use a checklist, but this is also very general and not specific to a particular home or set of possessions.

An in-person survey or a video survey with live chat, are very effective ways for the relocation company to provide a more accurate estimate. Both are good options, but the video and live chat survey eliminate the need to have the surveyor actually come to the home.

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