Get the Right Gear to Get Busy at the Gym

When you’re on the search for workout gear for men, a few tried and true pieces are all you’ll need to get extra mileage out of your daily gym grind.

Basic Apparel: Comfort and Durability

Whether you’re a beginner lifter or a seasoned warrior of the weight machine, you’ll want to invest in a great pair of circuit training shoes. Built to take a beating, your feet and ankles will be surrounded in responsive cushioning and support.

For clothing, a basic crew-neck and moderately loose basketball/running shorts provide coverage and flexibility for both simple and complex movements. Compression pants/socks/etc are another option, designed for those who need additional circulatory support.

Weightlifting gloves with wrist wraps can be a god-send, especially if you lift irons or pull ropes. Protect your hands from friction and your wrists from twisting or strains.

Bags, Bottles, Blenders, and Boxes

Treat yourself to a dedicated gym bag. Keep it simple with breathable material and resilient pockets. Have a sturdy water bottle on hand and consider a shaker for all your protein supplements on the go.

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