Get Rid of Those Bed Bugs With a Local NYC Exterminator

Once the bane of humanity everywhere, bed bugs were a common parasite which fed off of the blood of sleeping victims. Due to advanced chemical insecticides and improvements in bedding and lifestyle they were mostly eliminated as a common pest infestation. That is at least until recently. Part of this return is due to the ban of the insecticide DDT which is highly toxic and known to spread through the environment. Yet another may be the widespread use of travel and the ease with which we visit more under developed areas of our world.

Bed bugs are long and flat insects with an oval shape. They are a reddish brown in color and prefer to nest in the bedding materials we sleep on. These parasites are found in almost every country of the world but tend to be worse in those countries where pest extermination is often a luxury. While this parasite was often considered as a problem for the developing countries they are beginning to make a return to the more civilized regions as mentioned previously. If you travel or simply find your home has an infestation, Bed Bugs NYC can help you eliminate this pest.

Bed bugs usually infest the places where we sleep such as our apartments and homes. This list also includes hotels, motels and even cruise ships. More common infestations occur in shelters or places where personal hygiene is often a luxury. Bed Bugs NYC is a potent weapon in the control of this annoying parasite. An easy indicator of infestation are the bites marks often found on the face, arms or other exposed areas of skin.

The health risk of a bed bug bite are generally low but there is always the chance of an allergic reaction. In the case of several bites you may need to visit your physician or clinic for simple treatment. Prolonged exposure to bed bugs can result in welts or sores which may last for days. Bed bugs live by biting the exposed skin of humans and feeding on their blood. It is not known if they transmit disease through this method of feeding but this cannot be ruled out in areas where multiple people share residence and illnesses are common.

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