Get Lakeland Jail Bail Bonds for Small to Large Bail Amounts in Record Time

Getting jail bail bonds in Lakeland is the easiest it’s ever been. A highly knowledgeable, flexible bondsman offering 24-hour assistance, in-home consultations and quick turnaround expedites the entire jail bail bond process.

The Problem of Payment

It follows that an inability to post bail means you might not have enough to pay the bond agent. Luckily, the bail bond equals about 10 percent of the total bail. Acceptable forms of payment vary between bond agents, but today’s agents offer a variety of extremely accessible financing and help.

Some bond agents accept a co-signer who shoulders some of the potential financial burden. Other agents are open to various forms of collateral, such as houses, boats, jewelry and firearms.

A select few seasoned, well established bond agents offer credit on a case-by-case basis. Credit lets you or a co-signer get a jail bond without putting up valuable collateral.

The Return of Pledged Collateral

Although the 10-percent value, or premium, of jail bail bonds in Lakeland is nonrefundable, your collateral is. A bondsman may ask for collateral in addition to your payment of the premium, the collateral offering an additional guarantee of repayment to the bond agent if you fail to appear.

When the bond agent receives a Bond Discharge from the court, you get your collateral back. Providing there are no unexpected speed bumps, you can expect to get out of jail within two to 24 hours.

To get an outstanding, family-owned bond company on your side, visit Zona Long Bail Bonds, a longtime provider of financing on jail bail bonds in Lakeland.

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