Get Help from Truck Accident Lawyers in Live Oak, FL

Accidents involving a commercial truck and a passenger vehicle can be deadly. That’s due in part to the differences in sizes of the vehicles. A big rig weighs some 80,000 pounds, while an average passenger vehicle weights about 3,000 pounds. Truck accident lawyers in Live Oak, FL know how to use this information to settle cases.

Common Accident Causes

There are many reasons for accidents, including a lack of driver training. Indeed, truck operators need to be skilled in driving techniques, safety, and defensive driving. In fact, sometimes, the difference is vehicle size can cause an accident. It’s not unusual for big rig drivers to rear-end small cars because they cannot see them.

Truck accident lawyers in Live Oak, FL know the insurance company will try to blame the client. Insurers often accuse drivers of maneuvering into the truck’s no-zone. These are the areas where a trucker’s visibility is limited. Further, trucking company operations can fuel accidents.

Unscrupulous Tactics

The law states that big rig drivers must rest after driving 10. However, carriers offer financial incentives for drivers to be behind the wheel longer. Indeed, driver fatigue is a major factor in accidents. Additionally, operators are encouraged to drive faster than they should in order to meet quotas.

The Liable Party

It’s not uncommon to have more than one liable party. The driver and the carrier can be responsible for the accident. The carrier controls the driver so that company is responsible for the employee’s actions. Likewise, carriers must maintain trucks in good working order. Failure to inspect tires and brakes often contributes to crashes.

Sometimes, the freight’s owner may be liable, especially if the load contains hazardous material. In many cases, the driver is unaware of specific dangers associated with the load. Moreover, load shifting causes a lot of accidents. Cargo has to be stacked evenly so things do not move when the driver goes around a corner.

Injured parties are entitled to damages for pain and suffering, medical bills, and the bad experience of the accident. Likewise, they must be compensated for any financial damages. Hopefully, the insurer acts in good faith and the attorney can settle the claim. For more information, visit

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