Get Advanced Settlements for Personal Injury Cases

When a people fall victim to a personal injury, it can change their whole life. More times than not, financial hardships occur and can force those injured to settle for less than they deserve. An advanced settlement from settlement loan companies helps ease that burden, and allows clients to wait for the duration of their court case while being able to provide for themselves. It is important for future clients to be aware of limitations, the cost of advances and the realization that a settlement loan company is working with them to reach a good settlement.

Client Settlement Education

A settlement loan company must be able to educate their clients about the settlement process and every detail it entails. The fees that are due should be discussed and the overall cost of an advance should be disclosed in an advance contract. While trying to find a settlement loan company, it is imperative to make sure you locate one with the lowest fees and no hidden costs. There are also various forms of funding. Funding methods include monthly payments and lump sum payments. The actual way those payments are made are personal choices up to the client and the loan settlement company, and can include debit cards, account ACH, or checks.

The Merit of a Loan Settlement Company

Every part of a loan settlement company should be transparent. The disclosure of fees and advance contracts are just the beginning. In order to make sure you are receiving the best services, it is imperative to find out if a company is affiliated with any legal associations that give credit to their business, such as the American Legal Finance Association.

Loan Settlement Company Standards that Are Accredited

  • No Funding Happens Unless All Terms Are Transparent to a Client’s Attorney
  • There Is No Interference or Participation in a Client’s Case
  • A Perceived Value of a Case Is Not Overfunded Intentionally
  • Previously Funded Cases Are Not Funded Again

Get the Outcome You Deserve

A loan settlement company is prepared to help an attorney’s clients receive advanced funding so a victim of personal injury is able to get the outcome they deserve. There is a lot of pressure to settle from outside sources. Funding companies relieve that pressure for both parties. Funding specialists are ready to assist clients in setting up payment schedules, and take all of the necessary information to address settlement funding needs.

Settlement loan companies, such as Resolution Funding Group, LLC, proudly offer a variety of advance settlement funding options. View their website for further information.

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