Furnace Service in McDonough GA – What Will Be Checked?

The beginning of fall is a great time to have your furnace serviced. Many companies that provide furnace services know that the average customer waits until the cold-weather sets and have this work done. That can be a mistake. Instead, it is better to act early while the weather still warm and get the proper furnace service. McDonough, GA residents can benefit from the skills offered by HVAC professionals to prepare their furnace and HPA systems for the cold weather to come.

Flame Sensor and Burners
The flame sensor is one important element of the furnace that should be looked at during a service call. An experienced service tech will check the burners as well.

If a problem exists in a newer furnace with the gas valve, blower, or safety controls, they are generally controlled by the circuit board that oversees her performance. The furnace will generally shut down if there’s a problem with any of these devices.

Your Indoor Environment
An important consideration is the type of environment your furnace is operating within. If a lot of animal hair, dust, or other elements are in the atmosphere, the furnace may need to be checked more often.

Carbon Monoxide Danger
It is also important to have furnace service performed due to the concern over carbon monoxide poisoning that affects some homes on a furnace is not operating properly every gas furnace produces some amount of carbon monoxide but it is usually vented out of the home effectively through the venting system.

Energy-efficient furnaces that are relatively new produce less carbon monoxide than furnaces of the past. An older furnace, if not serviced in a timely manner, has the potential to produce quantities of carbon monoxide that are dangerous. This gas is colorless and odorless and can cause flulike symptoms and disorientation, and even death the quantities consumed are high enough. Therefore, it is always important to have a carbon monoxide detector and alarm installed in your home.

A good servicing schedule is to have furnace service scheduled once every year. A newer furnace may only need to be checked every other year. Your furnace filters should be checked on a monthly basis or at least every two or three months depending on the environment in which the furnace operates.

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