Furnace Repair in Greenwood IN Should be Done as Soon as Possible to Prevent Further Damage

by | Jan 7, 2014 | Heating and Air Conditioning

It can be extremely frustrating when the furnace decides to quit on the coldest day of the year. There are a number of things you can do to make sure the furnace is operating correctly all season, such as changing the filter once each month and having routine servicing and maintenance. If the furnace quits working, before calling a company for Furnace repair Greenwood IN it is important to check to make sure the problem isn’t something you can fix. When the power suddenly stops, check to make sure the breaker hasn’t been tripped or if the room is not as warm as you like, make sure the thermostat is set correctly.

There are also several signs to be aware of that will alert you when to contact someone for Furnace repair in Greenwood IN. If you hear a squealing sound each time the furnace kicks on, it may be a problem with the fan belt or the motor, so it is important to have repairs made as soon as possible. You should also contact a repair company if you notice any unusual sounds, such as knocking or ticking coming from the furnace. These sounds may indicate a problem with the motor and require immediate attention. If you notice cold spots in the room or the thermostat is indicating that the temperature of the room is warmer than it is, the thermostat may need to be replaced. If you have had the same furnace for longer than ten years, you should consider having it replaced.

Overtime, furnace repairs on an older unit become more frequent until eventually, the furnace simply stops working all together. A newer energy efficient model will save you money on energy costs and you can rest assured that the furnace will work correctly during the cold winter months. One of the easiest ways to make sure the furnace is operating at its best is to have routine servicing. With routine maintenance and servicing, the technician will change the filter and do a thorough inspection on all parts to insure there is no damage. It is quicker, as well as less expensive to catch a potential problem before it happens and routine servicing means you will be able to count on having heat when you need it.




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