Fun Facts About Custom Embroidery in Mount Vernon WA

Embroidery is a hobby in which millions of people around the world take great pleasure in. But how much do they truly know about the art of Custom Embroidery in Mount Vernon WA? Just for fun, here are some interesting facts about all things embroidery!

*     Embroidery is an ancient art form. In fact, a fossil has been found that has evidence of embroidery present on the tools the hunter had with him. The fossil has been carbon dated as being 30,000 years old.

*     In the past, embroidery had huge religious significance. Officials within the Church had embroidered designs on their robes to signify their stature amongst their peers. Royalty in the Middle Ages also wore embroidered clothes for similar reasons.

*     Undoubtedly the most famous piece of embroidered art in the world is the Bayeux Tapestry. A replica of this tapestry is housed at Reading Museum in England. It tells the story of the Norman & Saxon Invasion. The entire tapestry measures in at an astonishing 70 meters long and 50 centimeters high. That is a lot of embroidered cloth!

*     Think about all of the incredible Custom Embroidery in Mount Vernon WA designs that are out there and then realize that they are all broken down into just five categories. These categories are outline, satin, lazy daisy, cross and French knot.

*     While hand embroidery has been done for at least 30,000 years, machine embroidery is much more recent. The ability to develop the machine embroidered cloths was invented back in the mi-1800s and has been a developing process ever since.

*     Many custom designs that need to be embroidered are done via computer software. This modern way of doing things makes the entire process quick and efficient. The design is “fed” into the computer,+ which digitizes the pattern and then replicates it for final rendering. This is the process which allows for embroidery to be placed on such items as sports jerseys, work uniforms, and specialty costumes.

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