Four Reasons you need a Corporate Attorney

If you have your own business and it is growing you might want to consider seeking a corporate attorney Wichita KS business owners hire. You can use them when you need them and have them at your disposal for many business reasons. Here are five of the most common uses for a corporate attorney:

  1. Assist with Contracts: When you enter into a contract with a supplier or client you want to be certain the contract works in your favour. Working with attorneys such as Fleeson Gooing will ensure you have a clear understanding of the contracts you sign with other businesses as well as come up with a good standard contract you can have for your client agreements. Reading a contract might seem easy, but it is easy to miss something that ties you to a supplier in a way you are not prepared to do business.
  2. Type of Business: A corporate attorney Wichita KS businesses use can help you determine what kind of business you wish to run. They can let you know if it is better for you to incorporate or become a limited liability. Once you decide they will draw up the paperwork and help you take the steps required so nothing is missed.
  3. Leases and property: Whether you decide to buy a commercial property or lease a commercial space there will be much paperwork and agreements to review. Corporate attorneys will know the ins and outs of commercial space leasing from offices to retail space and warehouses to factories. They will review all of the complex agreements and act as a representative with your landlord or real estate agent. You will want to ensure a lease has provisions that work to your benefit and if they are missing a lawyer can help you add them.
  4. Intellectual property: Your business will have many important aspects that are unique to you. Whether it is a patented product or you provide a creative service through ads and media you can register your information with the use of an attorney. They can help protect your intellectual property for things such as copyright as well as trademarks.

A corporate attorney such as Fleeson Gooing will assist in all of these areas as the need arises.

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