Foundation Crack Repair In Cambridge MA Will Secure A Foundation

Cracks in a foundation means there is something wrong. Foundation cracks cause instability of the foundation and the house. If a homeowner sees cracks in the foundation, they should contact a waterproofing company that can perform foundation crack repair in Cambridge MA. A homeowner should never attempt to seal cracks themselves.

Sealing a crack without addressing the water pressure on the wall can cause devastating effects. Hydrostatic pressure on the outside of a foundation is the reason the walls cracked. This pressure could be from faulty gutters, failing drains, improper grading, and poor soil. A waterproofing company can identify the problem and properly fix it.

DRY-SEAL Application

DRY-SEAL is a product a waterproofing company will use to seal cracks in the foundation and floor. This material can be used on sewer pipes, bulkhead repairs, swimming pools, patios, driveways, bridges, window wells, garages, and more. DRY-SEAL is a permanent solution for areas that are cracking. When the product is injected into a crack, it fills the main crack and any capillary cracks. It creates a custom-fit watertight compression seal.

When epoxy is used on structural cracks, it can lead to other cracks because it’s not flexible. DRY-SEAL resins are flexible and won’t cause more cracks in the concrete or mortar. Epoxy can be used on non-structural cracks. Determining which type of crack it is should be left to a technician who is trained in foundation crack repair in Cambridge MA.


Once the water from the basement is addressed and the cracks are sealed, Flexi-Seal can be attached to the wall to stop moisture penetration. A flexible membrane will seal out ground vapors and is a reinforced heavy-duty material. It is tear-resistant and has a lifetime warranty. When this type of work is performed in a basement, a homeowner can feel confident to complete their basement and use it for a living space.

If your basement is damp, has cracks in the walls or floor, now is the time to have it inspected. A homeowner can receive a free estimate for the work that needs to be performed.

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