Follow These Four Rules of Golf Etiquette to Fit In On Any Course

Once referred to as a “gentleman’s game,” golf is a sport that prides itself on following a certain etiquette. If you’ve never hit the links before, familiarizing yourself with these standards can help you act like a pro on the course.

Control Your Temper

No matter how seriously you take the game, remember that it is just a game. Never let your emotions get the best of you on the course. Keep your voice down, resist sulking, avoid swearing and never throw a club, even if your ball lands in a sand trap for the fifth time.

Respect the Clock

Time is the most precious commodity. Never miss a tee time without a serious excuse, and show up 15 minutes early to be in good favor with the club staff and other players.

Take Care of the Grounds

The grounds of the golf courses near Lake Geneva, WI, are stunning and pristine. Keep them that way by fixing ball marks and replacing divots. After a bunker shot, rake the sand so it is smooth for the next golfer.

Be a Conscientious Partner

Never stroll through another golfer’s line of play when on the putting green. Keep the space around the hole sacred, and keep quiet until the club hits the ball.

Following these tips will help you navigate all of the golf courses near Lake Geneva, WI. For more information, check out Abbey Springs Golf Course.


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