Flashing Dashboard Lights: You May Need An Auto Repair Specialist Soon

sometimes these lights are hard to figure out, but the reality is that most of them are telling you that you need to take your car in for auto repair near Mokena.

What Do They Mean?

SRS Light

The lights flash when the vehicle detects a problem with your vehicle’s belt or your vehicle’s air bags. Both of these are crucial during an emergency, so this light coming on is no joke. You should have a specialist at an auto repair near Mokena check it out for you.

Check Engine

The check engine warning light is one of the most feared lights because most car owners imagine the worse when they see it. Some people even imagine that taking it to a mechanic is going to result in a big bill, so most people decide to ignore the light as much as possible.

Ignoring may be the reason why some prices skyrocket because the issue can get worst. Sometimes, the issue could be as small as a loose gas cap though sometimes the issue could be linked to a major issue, like a catalytic converter problem.

There are other lights that are a little easier to decipher, like the check oil warning light telling you that your engine is not getting enough oil, which could end up damaging your system. The tire pressure light is telling you that you need more air in one of your tires.

VIP Tire Corporation is here to help you and to make sure that you know what your vehicle is trying to tell you if it flashes any of these lights, and it all starts by visiting.

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