Five Things to Consider when choosing your Condo Unit

by | Feb 7, 2014 | Business

San Francisco Bay Area Condos for Sale are becoming more desirable as housing prices soar. Condos offer spacious living with little care for maintenance which is appealing to many first time buyers. Once you find a building and condo that is appealing to you there are a few things you can consider when choosing your actual unit.


When choosing your unit consider which way it will be facing and the light you will have in your home. This is not important to everyone but depending on your lifestyle you might not be too keen on having the sun in your bedroom first thing in the morning. Also, if your unit has a balcony you might be interested in having some planters and therefore might want to have as much sun exposure as possible. The way you are facing will also affect your view.


Consider which floor you would like to be situated. The penthouse is very prestigious, however can pose issues for those who are not as mobile should there be an issue such as a black out which would interfere with elevator operation. As well some main floor condos have a terrace overlooking well maintained and landscaped gardens which some people might prefer. Keep all of these features in mind when selecting the floor for your unit.


Some people prefer to be away from the elevators due to traffic of neighbors coming and going. Many condos have a foyer at each floor to avoid traffic issues. Other people like being nearer to the elevators as it makes it easier when coming home with groceries, shopping or if they travel a lot and have luggage to carry. It is also more convenient for elderly people who might have mobility issues.


Consider the size of the unit and what you really need. Often there is not a drastic change in price when you look at a mortgage for a one bedroom over a two bedroom for example. If you work from home an additional bedroom can be used as an office or if you have guests often can be used as a guest room. More bedrooms mean more bathrooms and it is always nice to have two especially if you entertain often.


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