Finding Great Insulation Contractors in Lancaster, PA Just Takes Attention To Details

Insulation is actually one of the most neglected parts of a home, with many people facing problems from this area down the road. Often the insulation installed when the home was built, sometimes over 50-100 years ago, can be outdated and if made with Asbestos, can be a health risk. Updating the insulation in the home is not often a top priority, mainly because most people know little about installing it, how to get to it, and often think of installation companies as expensive.

The truth is, outdated insulation is causing you to lose a lot of money in electric bills when the heat and cold air you conditioned with your unit escapes! Finding good Insulation Contractors in Lancaster, PA is a great first step. You simply call around or do your research on the various companies in town. Any company worth its salt will have a website explaining their mission, experience, and what they do, and often even includes a blog with tips and tricks showing how they do it.

An insulation contractor will come out and first look at what you have currently installed. Often they will not have to do much if your insulation is pretty recent (5-10 years old); they may suggest a better insulation for your needs, if say, you decide you want to “sound proof” your walls more so you don’t have to hear the televisions all over the house through the walls. Old insulation technologies weren’t very good at fire retarding and sound proofing, but insulation over the past 10 years has come a very long way in doing both very well.

Old insulation can cause/fuel a burning building to get hotter and may not stop the fire from spreading. New insulation both soundproofs (with less material) and retards fire. If a room in your house, for example, catches fire, the insulation should stop the fire from leaving that room, thus compartmentalizing it and saving the rest of the structure. Older insulation becomes weak and may be made of materials that aren’t safe or that don’t do what they need to do. Upgrading your insulation, or at least having someone come out and tell you the current state of it, can give you immense insight into why your electric bills are so high, why the “air’ doesn’t always seem to work efficiently, and what you can do to change all of that.

Lantz Insulation has set the standard of excellence in insulation for homes and businesses in Lancaster, PA. Contact them to learn more about their insulation solutions and to schedule a free assessment.

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