Finding Comprehensive Air Conditioning Services in Bainbridge Island

Even for homeowners who don’t run their air conditioning very often, having your system professionally serviced is an important part of making sure your system functions properly when you actually do turn it on.

Air conditioners that have been turned off for an extended period of time may experience issues upon initial start-up and, in some cases, won’t function at all. This could be due to minor electrical issues, a previously unknown refrigerant leak, or a dirty air filter, among other things, but diagnostics are just one aspect of professional air conditioning services.

Comprehensive Air Conditioning Care

When you seek professional air conditioning services in Bainbridge Island, you are getting a comprehensive service that may include all of the following:

• Indoor and outdoor unit servicing
• Complete system tune-ups
• Coil cleanings
• Refrigerant checks
• Air filter changes
• Electrical checks
• Diagnostics

You may not always know what is wrong with your system. All you know is that your home is getting hot, and something needs to be fixed immediately, and this is where Quality Heating & Air Conditioning comes in, professionals who are dedicated to identifying and repairing air conditioning issues to restore comfort in your home as quickly as possible.

The Important of Air Filtration

One of the most important air conditioning services is the checking and changing of air filters. Air filters are frequently neglected or forgotten about, which can severely affect not only air quality but the overall functionality of your system.

Several things may happen when your air filter goes unchanged:

• Air quality within the home declines
• Your system is forced to work harder
• Severe issues may cause ice to form on the inside of equipment

An unchanged air filter can very quickly lead to a host of issues, so it’s important to have professionals monitoring your filters and your system as a whole. Click here to find comprehensive air conditioning services in Bainbridge Island.

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