Finding a Surrogate Mother in California

By now, you may know that surrogate parenting is a standard, well-accepted, many-happy-returns means of enabling your dream of children. You have discerned that adoption is not for you; but rather you want to pass on the heritage of your family, and surrogate parenting offers the ideal choice for you and your growing family’s needs. But how do you find a surrogate mother? California is a big state—where are you to start your search? Craigslist? Want ads? These impersonal personals can’t possibly be the way to foster the life-giving relationship that surrogacy is meant to be for you.

Luckily, the state of California leads the world in the resources it offers prospective intended surrogate parents and your soon-to-be surrogate mother. Californians pioneered surrogate agencies—one-stop centers for all the answers to your questions about finding or becoming a surrogate mother in California. For more than 30 years, Californian surrogate agencies not only invented the surrogacy process that has become the standard but have established the vital means and relationships that have, through the decades, led to thousands of surrogate mothers helping intended parents know the joys of raising children of their own.

Thus, if you are a surrogate mother in California, you need go no further than a web search and phone call to answer the questions you have about whether giving the gift of surrogacy is for you. Similarly, those persons, families, and couples searching for a surrogate mother have all the resources of a reliable, experienced, and caring agency at their keyboards and cell phone (an initial consultation is but a phone call away). Trustworthy and capable California surrogate agencies are staffed with physicians, counselors, and legal professionals, all of whom are adept at fulfilling and passionate about the needs of potential surrogate mothers and the intended parents who seek surrogacy as the answer to their quest to grow their family.

These agencies not only maintain active pools of potential surrogate mothers in California, but they have walked in the shoes of many intended parents through the years, having assisted in the life-giving matches of upwards of 2,000 eager parents with a surrogate mother. Moreover, California surrogate agencies are up-to-date in the most recent state legislation regarding the ability of families, couples, and parents from all backgrounds and walks of life to seek out a winning relationship with a surrogate mother in California. If surrogacy is the road you are traveling, whether as a surrogate mother or intended parent in California, one of the state’s surrogate agencies is the ideal means of making your dream come to fruition.


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