Finding a Cheap Bankruptcy Lawyer in Olympia, WA

An individual with overwhelming debt may find it difficult to come up with the funds to hire a Cheap Bankruptcy Lawyer In Olympia WA. As a result, this person may feel as if they have no options. However, that isn’t the case. Following are some things to consider when selecting an attorney to partner with for this task and determine how to pay this individual.

Sole Practitioner

A person may wish to consider an attorney who works alone rather than with partners. This attorney tends to offer more personalized attention, as it is just the lawyer and a few staff members. However, there are drawbacks to using this option. As the attorney does work alone, they need to take on more cases to pay the bills and obtain a decent income. This means the attorney may not be easily accessible when clients need legal advice. The client has to wait to receive an answer until the attorney becomes available.

Law Firms

When working with a law firm, a client finds they can always speak to a person when a problem arises. While this may not be the attorney handling the case, there are others in the firm who will be knowledgeable about the case and can be of help. This may be a paralegal, a clerical helper, or someone else. In fact, a client may only meet with the attorney at the initial consultation and then again right before the case goes to court for a hearing. Other staff members handle all of the tasks in between these two meetings.

Debtors often want to know if there is a price difference between the two options. Although there may be slight variations, fees are typically governed by the market in the area rather than the size of the firm. Therefore, a debtor can choose which type of firm they feel most comfortable with and the Cheap Bankruptcy Lawyer In Olympia WA they prefer rather than making this decision based solely on prices. Clients appreciate this, as they are sharing personal information and don’t want to provide this information to someone they don’t like or lack confidence in.

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