Find Out If You Need Gutter Replacement or Gutter Repair in Kent, WA

Home gutters are an often-neglected part of the home. This is unfortunate, as damaged or improperly installed gutters can cause extensive problems in the long run. Knowing when to repair and when to replace gutters is something every homeowner should know. Here are a few guidelines about when to repair versus replace rain gutters.

The damage is found in one or two sections. Repair it.If the damage to the gutter is confined to a few sections, simply replace or repair the sections instead of the entire run. If there are holes, these can be repaired by cleaning the area with rubbing alcohol and then applying a quality sealant. For larger holes or cracks, install a metal patch and seal it.

Leaky seams, joints, or loose fasteners? Repair it.A single joint or seam that’s leaking can usually be repaired. The same goes for loose fasteners. Refasten all sections and, once everything is secure, flush the system and look for leaks. Add sealant where it’s needed. Sometimes, a new hole might need to be drilled in the fascia.

If the fasteners are bent, they may need to be replaced, but it’s less costly than replacing the entire section. If the fasteners continue to come loose, the problem might be with the fascia boards. Companies that specialize in Gutter Repair in Kent Wa can usually replace rotting or deteriorating fascia boards.

Sections of the gutter are separating or pulling away from the home. Replace it.When sections of the gutter are separating or pulling away from the home despite your best efforts to fix the problem, it might be best to replace it. It could be that the gutters were improperly installed. Seamless gutters are an option to prevent gutter separation. Reach out to an expert in Gutter Repair in Kent Wa to discuss seamless gutter systems.

Saggy gutter? Replace it.If the gutters are sagging, you’ll need to call in the experts. It’s not often that this kind of problem can be remedied with a quick fix. Have a professional contractor come out and install new, properly pitched gutters.

Some gutter problems are easy to repair, whereas poorly designed or improperly installed gutters can cause more headaches than they’re worth. These guidelines will help homeowners know when their gutters need to be repaired or replaced.

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