Fighting For Custody in San Bernardino

by | Nov 25, 2013 | Lawyer

There is nothing worse than fighting with an ex over who is going to get Custody in San Bernardino. Chances are pretty good you want your child to live with you and your ex probably wants the same thing. Instead of trying to fight the battle on your own, it would be better to hire a custody lawyer to lend you a hand.

What Does The Judge Look At

Figuring out who a child is going to live with is a grueling decision for everyone involved. Despite what you may think, the judge does not want to be the bad guy to either parent. However, the judge does want to make sure that the best interests of the child are being respected. When the judge is trying to figure out where to place your child, they are going to consider:

     *     What does each of the parents want to happen?

     *    Who does the child want to live with?

     *    Which parent does the child have a better relationship with?

     *    Which parent is the child going to be better off with?

What Is Best For The Child

As hard as it might be, a battle for Custody in San Bernardino should not be all about you. It really should be about what is going to be best for the child. Is it truly in the best interest for your child to live under your roof? Are you financially capable of taking care of your child? Do you and your child get along?

Despite the fact there are two parents in a lot of households, a lot of times one parent always does slightly more of the work when it comes to being the caretaker. There are many different reasons behind that. One parent is more patient than the other. One parent has more experience with children than the other. One parent might just be too busy to spend much time with the child. All of this information is going to be examined and taken into account when deciding where the child goes. If the child is used to receiving most of their care from one person, it makes more sense for that to be the person they go with. This is true even if the other parent happens to have a better job or more money. More money and a higher paying job is not always what is best for the child. Visit us at Brock, Laurence J., Attorney at Law


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