Features of the Best Apartments Near Louisiana State University

College housing has changed a lot over the last decade. Many students choose to live off-campus in apartments specifically designed with students in mind. Students looking for the best apartments near Louisiana State University choose apartments the feature the following.

Plug & Play Apartments

Move-in day is a breeze when students choose plug & play apartment complexes. These properties have the Wi-Fi ready to go, a TV installed on the wall, and include furnished packages. Students don’t have to worry about finding help moving large furniture and can settle into their new space faster.

Top student apartments also feature individualized leases. Even if a student is sharing an apartment with two or three other students they never have to stress over their housing if a roommate fails to pay the rent. Per-person contracts give students peace of mind and let them concentrate on their studies.

Community Features

Today’s college students are discerning. They don’t want a 1990s’ college experience. They expect luxury and plenty of activities. Apartment complexes near the university that students prefer to have a plethora of community features that include things such as resort-style pools, 24-hour fitness centers, outdoor and indoor lounges/cafes, and plenty of social actives.

Safe Transportation

Whether a student has a vehicle or not, it’s important that apartments offer safe transportation to and from campus. Some of the most popular apartments near Louisiana State University offer shuttle services and discounted car-sharing rides.

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