FAQ on Bail Bonds In Forest City Iowa

It’s always a scary thing when you receive a phone call in the middle of the night from a loved one pleading with you to get them out of jail. At that point, you don’t care if they did it or not, you just want to get them out of jail. While you may not know the first thing about finding a Bail bond Forest City Iowa agent, a crash course may be in order. Below are some of the most common questions asked of Bail bondsmen and their frank replies.

What Exactly is Bail?

What is bail and what is a bail bond are two different questions. Bail is money an accused person can offer up to the courts to be temporarily released from jail before his trial is over. To make sure the person will actually return for their court dates, the person must either give the full bail amount, a bond, or property that will be returned after the court case is settled.

What If I Don’t Have the Money Or Property?

If you don’t have the full bail amount, you then call a Bail bond Forest City Iowa company and talk to them about your options. Options typically include you or your family paying a percentage of the money, usually 10%, to the bail bondsman, who will in turn, pay the bail for you and keep the 10% for his troubles. That 10% is non-refundable.

How Do I Bail Someone Out of Jail?

The first thing to do is call a Bail Bond Company In Forest City Iowa to start the process. The bail bond company will ask you many questions about the offense, the person in jail, their work history, etc. They will then decide if they want to offer the bail for you. If approved, you will have to pay the 10% to them, either over the phone or in person, so have your credit card ready. They will meet you at the jail house to post the bail and for you to take the jailed person home. If the person does not show up for their court date, it is YOU who is responsible for the full bail amount and the accused can be be re-arrested.

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