Family Doctors in Kingwood Know that Fever and Headache Symptoms Should be Addressed Immediately

Everyone has felt that miserable feeling of a bad chest cold or stomach virus. Feeling weak, dizzy, nauseous and finding it hard to breathe can be overwhelming at best. When these symptoms strike without warning, people should see their family doctor in Kingwood. The sooner action is taken to fight the virus; the sooner life can get back to normal. People are able to return to work and school and not worry about spreading the terrible germs. There are acute signs to look for when wondering if one should see a Family Doctor in Kingwood.

When someone comes down with a bug, it can be hard to tell if it is just the common cold or something more sinister. There are a few symptoms that require attention and should be treated with timely and appropriate care. A fever is a sure sign that something is going on inside the body. A fever is a sign of infection and can cause people to become dehydrated much more quickly than they would without the fever. When someone is sick they should immediately test for a fever with a thermometer. If a fever is present, they may need to take Tylenol or other fever reducer. If the fever continues, they affected person should immediately see a doctor, as things can go downhill rather quickly when a fever is present. Another sign that a doctor may be needed is a bad headache or migraine. When a headache occurs for longer than 24 hours, a visit to the doctor is essential. This can be a serious warning sign of other deadly conditions and should never be ignored.

There are many times we may need to be seen at Northeast Urgent Care Clinics and Deerbrook Family Clinic. Fevers and headaches are big warning signs that there is an underlying condition that needs to be addressed. These professionals also treat a variety of other conditions such as bone breaks, cuts requiring stitches, sports injuries and slip and fall injuries. All of these conditions require immediate attention and a professional in Kingwood is standing by to address the issue. No one can be healthy 24/7 but they can see a doctor that can effectively treat their condition or injury, so they can get back to their daily routines.

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