Families in Minnesota: Things You Should Expect From Family Therapy

You’re thinking of going to family therapy in Minnesota, and you want to know what to expect to feel more prepared. The following are some things you could expect.

Long Introductions

One thing you should expect is long introductions. A big reason family therapy is effective is that the professional gets to know you and everyone in your family. Before the therapy takes off, you should expect long conversations with each member of your family.

Honest Environment

You need to help the therapist create an open and honest environment. Sometimes, the best way to create that is by talking to your family beforehand to explain why this is important. You could also lead by example, and be as honest as you can during family therapy in Minnesota.


Parents can have a hard time accepting some things about therapy. As a parent, you might feel confident about your parenting skills, but you might have to change some of these tactics. Accepting these changes can be hard, but try to be as open to them because a family therapist wants to give you effective conflict resolution tools, and you need to trust those tools.


Expect to receive homework, and be sure your family expects that, too. You will be given tasks to complete after each session, so do your best to complete them. These tasks are strategic and are meant to help your family in various ways.

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