Factors to Consider When Looking at the Location of Tempe Student Housing

by | Nov 19, 2021 | Student Housing Center

When it comes to looking at the location of Arizona State University student apartments, there is more to consider than just how close you will be to the university. Here are a few tips to help you find student apartments that are in a location you will enjoy.

Choosing Arizona State University student apartments that are within a mile of campus will make your life more convenient. You will have more time to rest, cook, study, and engage in recreation if you live nearby the university. Before choosing a specific apartment, drive or walk from the apartment to the university to get a feel for what the commute would be like. If you are not originally from Arizona, take into consideration that you will need to do that commute on the hottest summer days.

Check out the outdoor spaces that are nearby the apartment. You may find that you will have to be frugal while going to university classes. This may mean being creative when it comes to entertainment. If you can spend time outdoors, you will get exercise and enjoy free recreation. Look for nearby parks that you could spend time in after class.

If you are concerned about noise, it would not likely be wise to choose student housing that is located near bars and restaurants. The area is likely to be loud in the evening and on the weekends.

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