Extending the Life of Pillow Block Bearings

For any type of company in Louisiana requiring a bearing for a low-torque application, a pillow block may be the best type of bearing. These are bearings that are designed for light loads and provide a low-maintenance, housed type of bearing that mounts directly to a surface.

All pillow block bearings are designed to be installed out of the packaging. They come in a self-contained housing and are already greased and then sealed. While they are typically very easy to install, there are some specific checks and considerations that can be helpful in extending the duty cycle of these reliable and popular bearings.

Clean and Verify the Size and Condition of the Shaft

Take a minute to closely inspect the shaft before placing the bearing on the shaft and tapping it in place. Check for the roundness of the shaft and look for any damage, areas of rust, or burrs on the ends or edges of the shaft. If there are any irregularities, use sandpaper to remove the rough or rusted area and then use a light coating of oil to remove any fine grit or debris.

It is also important to make sure the shaft is the correct size for the bearing. It will need to be taped into place, but it is critical to avoid directly striking the pillow block bearings, particularly the housing or seals.

Align the Bearings

When mounting the pillow block bearings, loosely attach the bearing housing to the surface. Check to make sure the bearing is in alignment with the shaft and the other bearing. Make any adjustments necessary and then tightened down the bolts to ensure proper alignment.

Always double check to make sure the housing is securely mounted to the surface. Verify the shaft can move as needed in the bearing and make any adjustments before working the bearing under load.

When in doubt, contact the Louisiana distributor for information about the installation and alignment process. These companies can assist with installation and troubleshooting over the phone, reducing the risk of damage to the bearing if there is a problem.

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