Expert Tips on How to Troubleshoot Your Bruno Stair Lift in NJ

If you have mobility issues, then one of the saving graces that you’ll find is that using a Bruno stair lift in NJ can move you from floor to floor in your home with the greatest of ease. However, there will eventually come a time when it might malfunction and you’ll need to troubleshoot what is going on. Here are some helpful tips on how to do just that.

Check The Battery

One of the main reasons that a lift stops working correctly is that the battery is too low. While a less-than-optimally-charged battery will be able to move the life downstairs, it will not have the power to move the lift upstairs. Before making a service call, it is best to ensure that the battery is fully charged by performing some minor troubleshooting a Bruno Elan stairlift Bruno stairlift repair and troubleshooting.

Check for Obstructions

The sensors built into the lift will stop it from moving if they detect an obstacle in the way. This could be something as minor as the footrest touching something. It could also be something that the safety panels sense is in the way. Before you call a repairman, make sure that there are no obstacles in the path of the Bruno stair lift in NJ.

Blown Fuse

Another easy way of troubleshooting a Bruno Elan stairlift Bruno stairlift repair and troubleshooting is to check for any blown fuses. Occasionally, the lift may trip the circuit breaker and you will have to reset it, which is incredibly easy to do.

However, if you find you need professional service, please contact Mobility123 – Stiltz & Stairlifts at their website.

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