Expert Handling of Cases Involving Trucking Accidents in Upper Marlboro

Cases concerning Trucking Accidents in Upper Marlboro are uniquely different from other cases of auto accidents and personal injury. Many auto accidents and personal injury lawyers are of the opinion that cases of trucking accidents should be handled in much the same way as auto accidents, albeit with an increase in the insurance policy limits.

In cases of trucking accidents, there are special state and federal laws as well as some safety regulations which are not applicable in an auto accident. These kinds of cases are more complex and expensive for some firms and lawyers to handle effectively. An expert and experienced truck accident attorney such as those at Jaklitsch Law Group have a lot of experience in investigating trucking accidents. They examine relevant factors such as truck maintenance, driver training, and hiring, supervision as well as downloading the data from the truck engine recorder. They also maintain contacts with experts in the trucking industry.

Every case involving Trucking Accidents in Upper Marlboro must commence with the proper investigation of the accident site as well as the comprehensive inspection and collection of relevant information pertaining to the truck and its engine. This investigation must be promptly done in order to obtain crucial information from the site and in some instances, to prevent the trucking company from deliberately destroying evidence. Other sources of information include black boxes, the truck driver’s log books, on-board electronic recorders, truck accident reports, cell phone records, bills of lading, and meal receipts.

Some other issues to be investigated include driver fatigue, defective parts, federal regulations compliance, mechanical failures, and negligent retention and hiring. Experts may be hired to investigate these issues. Discovery petitions such as requests for admissions, requests for production, notice of depositions, interrogatories, as well as the original complaint must all be filed. Also, hiring an accident re-constructionist who can recreate the circumstances of the trucking accident (i.e. the movement and speeds of the vehicles concerned) is a good idea.

It is the right of any individual involved in a trucking accident to seek compensation. Schedule an initial consultation today to discuss the circumstances of the case. Remember that time is of the essence.

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