Excellent tips when you need to ship fine art

by | Jan 28, 2014 | Moving, Moving Services

Shipping fine art is not something you do by throwing it in the back of a pick-up, it is quite complicated to do it right and only those who offer designer delivery services in Los Angeles have the specialized equipment and skill. The art must be packaged properly and protected while it is shipped in a protected environment. To ensure that the art arrives at its intended destination in the same condition it was when it left, the right packing materials must be used and the work needs to be fully insured against loss, theft or damage. Many shippers decide, rightly so, to engage companies that excel in designer delivery services in Los Angeles.

There are some packing materials which are safe should they come into direct contact with a piece of art; there are others which are not, it is important to know the difference. Pure white linen or cotton are safe choices for covering the art, non-abrasive ropes which are not color dyed are acceptable for use as tie downs. There are some plastics which are safe to use whereas others become unstable when they are subjected to the conditions that may prevail during shipment.

A perfect example of a plastic which is not suitable for use is bubble wrap. When bubble wrap comes into contact with wood frames which have been stained, the bubble wrap under the right conditions can damage the finish. Bubble wrap is an ideal shock absorber but the art must first be wrapped in linen or cotton, making sure that the plastic does not touch the artwork.

There are companies that provide designer delivery services in Los Angeles who are skilled in packing art, antiques, etc. These companies have significant experience in packaging and transporting art, they know the best way to pack it to eliminate or at least minimize the possibility of damage; many museums and art gallery’s work with these companies for shipping their art.

Valuable art is shipped using specialist companies whether the piece is going across the city or across the country. These companies have a fleet of vehicles that are specially rigged out to accommodate works of art, the vans are usually climate controlled so that, regardless of the temperature during shipment, the art is not affected by the variables.

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