Everything You Need to Know About Buying Heavy-Duty Mobility Scooters

Although many people opt for an electric mobility scooter rental, it’s more convenient to have a mobility scooter of their own, given the convenience and all-time access. However, purchasing heavy-duty mobility scooters isn’t easy as there are various details to think about. Some of these details are discussed below.

Number of Wheels

Depending on the potential use of heavy-duty mobility scooters, you must choose between the two-wheeled, three-wheeled, and four-wheeled scooters. The difference between these scooters include:

  • The two-wheeled scooters look like regular models and are the fastest.
  • The three-wheeled scooters are more lightweight and can be used on sidewalks as well as a paved road.
  • The four-wheeled scooters are heavy and can cross gravel roads and unpaved surfaces. In addition, they are more suitable for navigating around public buildings.

The Intended Use

There are different categories of mobility scooters, and all of them have different applications. For instance, folding scooters are suitable for people who travel a lot. On the other hand, there are specialized indoor mobility scooters for people who need to navigate in their homes or offices. Lastly, if you need to travel with a scooter, such as going to the office, a heavy-duty mobility scooter is recommended because they can travel long distances better.

Upgrading Options

Having a choice is always better, which is why it’s better to choose the mobility scooter if it has the upgrading options. The upgrading features could include the type of batteries, seat size, rain covers, and seat adjustments. The battery option is the most important because planes won’t allow your scooter if it doesn’t have lithium-ion batteries.

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