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by | Nov 30, 2013 | Dentist

Do you have fear visiting a dentist or undergoing different dental procedures? If this is your case, you do not have to worry anymore. With Sedation Dentistry Tulsa , you can confidently visit a dentist or undergo a dental procedure without the usual phobia you experience. Here is all you need to know about his innovative solution.

What is Sedation Dentistry?
Sedation dentistry is also known as sleep dentistry. It is a type of dental solution that uses special medication to make patients feel relaxed during dental operations. There are various levels of sedation dentistry as outlined below:

* General anesthetic- This is a state where you are completely made unconscious.

* Deep Sedation- The medication makes nearly unconscious , though you can easily be awaken

* Moderate Sedation- This is commonly referred to as conscious sedation. Here, you remain conscious during the procedure; though you will not remember anything about it after it is done.

* Minimal Sedation- This where you remain awake and aware of everything, but you cannot experience any pain.

Different types of Sedation Dentistry
There are four major types of sedations which are used by dentists. They include

Deep and General Sedation
Deep sedation and general anesthetic are nearly similar. The dentist will give you some medications that will make you partially or completely unconscious. The medication will keep unconscious until its stops it effects. However, most dentists will give special medication to wake the patients up after they are done with their procedures

Intravenous (IV) Moderate Sedation
This sedation that works more quickly compared to the other types. Here, your dentist will give you a medication through one of your veins. This will make possible for the dentist to adjust the effect of your sedation as they continue with their dental operation.

Oral Sedation
Oral sedation may either be minimal or moderate. For the moderate sedation, you will receive an anesthesia that will make you fall asleep during the procedure. A light sound or gentle shake can wake you up. The minimal sedation, on the other hand, involves taking a tablet an hour before the procedure. You will remain awake and aware of the surrounding.

Sedation dentistry in Tulsa is appropriate for people who fear visiting a dentist. For more information about sedation dentistry, Visit website

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