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Are you having financial emergencies such as medical bills, energy bills, school fees or expensive home repairs? If cash is currently hard to come by, an option is to apply for a car title loan. This is one of the fastest ways you can get money when you need it the most. You can qualify for car title loan regardless of whether you have poor credit score or no credit score. All you will need is to own a vehicle which will act as the collateral for the loan. To speed the process along, carry the following things while applying for an Auto Title Loan in Phoenix City:

  • License of your car
  • Documents to prove that you own your vehicle title completely
  • Current address proof certificate
  • Proof of your income

Types of Auto Title Loans

There are two major types of car title loans which include:

  • Pink Slip Loans -; With these types of loans, the lender allows you to continue driving your car with your loan money. The lender only needs the title of your car as security, not the car itself.
  • Auto Pawn Loans -; With these types of loans, you keep your car at the secured facility of the lender. You only get your car back after you have finished paying the loan and the accruing interests.

There are many reasons why you should apply for Auto Title Loan Phoenix. Here are some of the key benefits of using car title loans in case of financial emergencies.

Exceptional Customer Care Services

It is always recommended you work with professionals, especially in sensitive financial matters. Most companies offering car title loans are equipped with highly trained and experienced financial professionals who will guide you step by step through the entire loan application process.

Set Out a Suitable Repayment Plan

Another good thing about car title loans is that you are allowed to decide how you want to make your repayments. However, it is highly advisable you repay the loan in the shortest time possible to avoid paying more.

Auto title loans are a perfect solution for fast easy cash, especially if you are faced with unexpected expenses. However, it is imperative to apply for the loan with a reputable lending company.

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