Escape the Heat with Air Conditioning in Charlotte, NC

For anyone who lives in an area with warm summers, air conditioning has become an essential part of the home. With various types of systems available, experts in the field can aid in selection and installation of the best type of system for one’s home.

is available in central systems, portable systems, ductless systems, and evaporation coolers. Central air conditioning systems come in two forms: split systems and packaged systems. As the names imply, the difference between the two is found in the set up. With split systems, the compressor or condenser is outside, and the evaporator is indoors. This system is more common because it locates the noisy elements outside. With packaged systems, the two parts of the air conditioning system are together. These systems are typically found on roofs or walls. Both of these systems are connected to the duct-work of the home. For those on a budget or in a smaller living area, one may choose portable air conditioners, or window units. Another type of air conditioning system is ductless air conditioners. With this system, one large unit connects to several smaller units within the home. Finally, a home in an area with low humidity may use evaporation coolers, commonly called “swamp coolers.” These systems use damp pads to pull in heat, causing evaporation to remove the heat from the air. A large fan will then disperse the cooled air throughout the home. This process can lower the temperature by thirty degrees. With all of these options for air conditioning, one should consult an expert in Air Conditioning in Charlotte, NC.

A qualified air conditioning professional will be able to provide guidance when selecting the best option for home air conditioning. The same professional should be able to provide Air Conditioning in Charlotte, NC. These services include maintenance and repair, as well as duct-work, thermostats, or elements of heating systems. An air conditioning professional will be HVAC licensed and carry liability insurance. He or she will be able to help choose the right type of system, install the system, inform the customer of required maintenance, perform the maintenance if asked, and repair the system should it become necessary.

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