Equipment Clearing the Way Around High-Rail Railroads in Lincoln, NE

Removing scrub brush, clearing debris, and maintaining or building high-rail railroads isn’t easy unless you have the right equipment. If you have the hi-rail equipment for the job, it becomes a lot easier to do just about any job on or near these high rails. Everything that falls away to deep ditches or ravines alongside the rails isn’t a problem with the hi-rail equipment.

The High-Rail Excavator

A high rail excavator is the quintessential piece of railroad maintenance equipment. It isn’t just an excavator. It’s a backhoe, a tree remover, a brush cutter, and a large debris remover. Multiple attachments are available for this single piece of equipment. If you buy or rent this excavator, consider buying and/or renting the attachments. Every attachment removes the need for additional large pieces of equipment.

High-Rail All-Terrain Front Loader

Another piece of quality equipment that might help you maintain long stretches of railroad in Nebraska is the all-terrain front loader. It can go on the tracks and off the tracks with no rough movement during the transition. Its wheels are designed to manage rocks, high hills, steep downslopes and more. If you have some rails that are up in a mountain range, then the all-terrain front loader should be in your equipment house. Buy it new or used, with or without extra attachments.

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