Enjoy Those Intimate Moments Once Again

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, otherwise known as ED, you are not alone. Many men struggle with impotence due to various reasons. Stress, medications, high blood pressure, and hormone therapy are only a few of the factors that are connected with the inability to become aroused during sexual intimacy. You have spoken to your doctor, looking for answers. You’ve tried taking medication, but you don’t like the way it makes you feel. You have another option. Natural ED treatment near Irvine, CA could be the answer for you, helping you to make the most of the bedroom with your partner once again.

You May be Able to Find a Permanent Solution for ED

You don’t want to just treat the symptoms when you are dealing with ED. You want to get to the root cause and find a solution that will correct the problem. A natural ED treatment in Irvine, CA offers you a solution. It involves focused shockwave therapy. You won’t have to undergo surgery or take injections. You won’t become dependent on medication to get the sexual pleasure you had in the past. You can expect 12 treatments as shockwaves are directed at your penis at a low intensity for a half hour each session. You’ll wait for 90 days after the first half of your treatments. This will allow your treatments to go to work as your circulation improves after new blood vessels have developed. Any tissue that has become damaged over the years in this sensitive area will repair itself. You’ll take a natural approach that is helping your body to rejuvenate itself in an area that is so important to you. Visit LaSara Medical Group to learn more about this innovative treatment that is helping men around the world to enjoy intimacy again.

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