Electrical Contractor in Pittsburgh, PA Refuses to Cut Corners

Your home’s electrical maintenance is of the utmost importance. If a company were to cut corners or try to save money, you’d be left in the dark, literally and figuratively. To ensure you aren’t put in this uncomfortable position, you need to check and see if your local electricians are dedicated, well-trained, and masters in their field. Headed by a master electrician, electrical contractors prove their dedication through mastery of their craft.

Company Quality

Lighting your home shouldn’t be a hassle. From exterior lighting to providing you with home-powered generators, you’ll be sure you’re not only getting the best quality lighting by an electrical contractor, but the best price as well.

Omega Electric provides master-certified electricians, all of whom belong to a company that prides itself on quality service, serving the city of Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. Licensed, bonded, and well-trained, electricians can be rapidly dispatched to your home in an emergency, allowing for a more hands-on, dynamic customer service experience.

Range of Services

Family-owned and headed by a master electrician, this electrical contractor in Pittsburgh, PA will fulfill your immediate electrical needs. If you’re in need of rewiring a dead wall outlet, or a heavy duty, long-term project, electrical contractors can make sure the process is quick, easy, and cost-efficient.

The rewiring of a home is a serious undertaking, requiring the installation of new electrical conduits. The utilization of extensive planning, high-quality tools and equipment all ensure a speedy and successful rewiring and installation process.

Bucket truck services and rentals are constantly available for assistance when installing cable or if power and telephone lines are giving you issues. Inclement weather can down power lines, leaving a community out in the cold and without power for hours at a time. An electrical contractor can come by with a bucket truck and investigate the issues.

Having these numerous services, and highly qualified professionals on call alleviates stress about serious issues with an easy fix.

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