E Cig Drip Tips Can Add Pizzazz To Your Vape

The market for 510 vaping drip tips has exploded in recent years thanks to the growing popularity of custom configurations. Nowadays, vaping rigs are prettier than an iMac and 100 percent more customizable.

Huge Variety

The term “drip tip” is obsolete because most people don’t actually use the dripping technique to vape. The industry has evolved with taste, convenience and safety in mind. Sub ohm tanks and digital modulators are dominating the market.

Thanks to the 510 connector standardization of tanks and mods, users can easily swap out drip tips. The variety of styles and materials available for e cig drip tips is insane. Beyond air-flow control, the choice of drip tip is mostly about feel and aesthetics. Think of canned soda vs. bottled soda.

Air-flow control on a drip tip serves the purpose of cooling off the vapor before it hits the user’s throat. This is necessary when vaping at high wattage to produce large clouds. Unfortunately, extreme high wattage destroys flavor, and can cause pain. Allowing extra air in the sides of a drip tip also decreases flavor.

After the novelty of big clouds wears off, vaping enthusiasts tend to go for flavor. There are many ways to adjust flavor production including customizing e-juice ingredients.

Dripping vs. Tanks

Dripping allows users to precisely control how much e-liquid they vape. Dripping also allows users to quickly switch flavors, says Mr. Cloud of Vaper Soul.

The most obvious disadvantage of dripping is that the user has to keep a bottle of e-liquid handy, so vaping on the go can be messy. The idea that a user would switch flavors before changing the wicks or pre-built coils on an atomizer is preposterous. That would be like changing from one craft beer to another without cleaning the glass first.

The real advantage to dripping is it produces a stronger throat hit and a bigger cloud, according to AJ of Best Clearomizer. He also says the flavor is more consistent. The throat hit is similar to what cigarette smokers get from nicotine.

Dripping and increasing wattage are two ways to increase throat hit without increasing the nicotine in e-liquid. For those wishing quit to smoking or decrease their dependence on nicotine, vaping can be a viable alternative.

Regardless of what type of vaping rig an enthusiast uses, drip tips are an inexpensive way to subtly tweak the overall vaping experience. Mount Baker Vapor sells e cig drip tips by Someday, which makes an impressive variety of tips.

Mount Baker Vapor offers everything from box mods to e-liquid ingredients. The store carries a variety of brands including vape-favorites Innokin and Smok. For more information, visit the website.

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