Dual Diagnosis of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment, Contact Qualified Professionals in Minneapolis

Highly qualified and trained staff at comprehensive substance abuse treatment centers understand that chemical dependency rarely occurs as an isolated incident. Rather, it can often be the result of unresolved trauma or mental illness, and, if these issues are left unaddressed, can often become part of a cycle of drug abuse and deteriorating mental health. This is why treatment for substance abuse needs to be part of a holistic approach promoting good mental welfare and recovery from trauma, not just addiction. Programs that provide just one of these without the integration of the others can result in client’s relapse and leave them less likely to progress to sustained abstinence.

Dual Diagnosis and Treatment for Substance Abuse and Mental Health

Diagnosis and treatment that aim to address both the issue of substance abuse and mental illness maximize the client’s chances of long-term success in their recovery. Incorporating mental health treatment into recovery programs makes sure that every client is seen as an individual with specific needs, and that customized plans can be developed and adjusted according to the changes both in the client’s physical and mental state. It is often the case that treating substance abuse separately from mental health doesn’t produce the same results. This is why underlying mental illnesses should be taken into account as part of the treatment program, as once the substance abuse is resolved, the chances of relapse diminish because the client is equipped with stronger mental health and cognitive capacity.

Facilities with recovery programs that aim to treat the underlying cause of addiction and not just the addiction itself provide their clients with a much higher chance of long-term recovery. Simultaneous diagnosis and treatment avoids episodes of relapse in the future. These recovery programs can be administered through both out-patient and residential facilities.

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