Don’t Do Battle Alone. Find a SSI Disability Attorney in Chicago to Help

You feel terrible. Some days you can barely make it out of bed. If you make it to work, you feel so horrible that you are worthless at doing your job. Your boss is riding you so much lately you just want to find a corner in which to hide. This job is killing you. You need to seriously consider filing for disability, but you are just not sure how to go about it.

Let’s start with step one. Do not feel ashamed or embarrassed because you are filing a disability claim. That is why it is there. Step two. If you feel up to it, go to your Social Security Office and tell them you want to file a claim for Disability. You will wait a while, but finally someone will call you to a window and will hand you some paperwork and give you instructions about the application process. They will tell you to do the application on line. What? But you don’t have a computer! You cannot use a computer! Let’s go to step 3. It is time for you to contact a SSI Disability Attorney in Chicago.

Do not panic. There are advocates and SSI Disability Attorney Chicago all around your area who are skilled at all the processes you will have to go through to have your application approved. When a person tries to work through this application on their own, it can be a very precarious situation. There are lots of forms to be filled out. They must be filled out with proper wording using the correct medical terminology that will meet the disability criteria. Your doctor will have to fill out paper work that meets the same requirements. You may be asked by the SSI to go to doctors assigned by them to get an evaluation of your disability.

Quite frankly, this process is like putting together a giant puzzle. A SSI Disability Attorney in Chicago or Advocate has experience putting together these puzzles. They know what you need to say if you are sent to psychiatrists because part of your disability is that you are overwhelmingly depressed because of the constant pain. The right conversation may help you win a larger benefit each month.


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