Don’t Allow Dangerous Gases to Enter Your Home

If you have a chimney in your home, you will more than likely look forward to the days when the whole family can sit around a warm and cozy fire whilst you spend some quality time together. However, chimneys do not clean themselves. You will need to make sure you have yours maintained, or it could become a danger to you, your family, and your home.

Your chimney flue is one part that can become damaged, and this is due to the gases that a fire emits. Whilst all chimney flues are built to last, the glue that’s used in the lining can start to fail especially if the chimney is old.

If this does happen, it could mean that these dangerous gases could start to seep into your living space, and the effect they have can be damaging to your health. When you schedule an appointment with a company who can send chimney sweeps in Chesapeake VA to your home, this is the first thing they should check.
Of course, flues can, and do, become clogged with soot and other deposits that a fire leaves behind. Your chimney sweep will make sure all of this is cleaned away before they check for any wear and tear that could cause any danger. If you don’t do this regularly, it could mean a fire will start inside your chimney, and this can have terrible consequences.

Your chimney will also have crowns, and caps; and these protect your chimney from the flue, and the external elements. Any thorough chimney sweep in Chesapeake VA will make sure there are no cracks or bits of material that has come loose. If there are, they will repair it. In the most extreme cases, you may need to have the crown replaced, and you should never shy away from having this done if you want to make use of your fire safely.

Because fires are not generally used all year round, there are times when birds or other small animals will nest inside the chimney; and a professional who works in this trade will make sure that anything like this is removed. They will also make sure your chimney is free of leaves or other debris that can cause a blockage.
It is also possible to get problems with the brickwork on a chimney, and this is largely due to having a flue that’s not properly maintained. Gases that escape from the flue can cause damage to your brickwork, so it’s important this is checked as well.

Some people may think they can maintain their chimneys on their own, and many actually do. However, it’s always best to hire a professional. If you miss something, as mentioned, dangerous gases could start to build-up in your home; and because you can’t see or smell them, it’s hard to know if this is already happening.

Your chimney should have a maintenance check at least once every 12 months, and this should be done just before you intend to start using it.


It’s important your chimney is working properly. Reputable companies can provide you with professional chimney sweeps Chesapeake VA who will make sure your chimneys are working safely.

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