Does Your Roofing in Lancaster Need Renovating or Replacing?

If you have never changed your roofing in Lancaster since you moved into your property, you probably never had a say in which roofing materials you preferred. Some of the most durable materials that you can get fitted from Beiler Brothers Roofing & Siding include clay, slate, tile, rubber membrane, asphalt and metal. As long-lasting as these materials are they can lose their condition over time and when you notice the warning signs, it is vital that you pay to get roofing in Lancaster replaced. An outdated, faded roof may be unsafe and when you pay attention to damages, you can get energy efficient roofing in Lancaster that could save you money.

The Appearance

First of all, you should take a walk around the exterior of your property and really inspect the surface of the roof. Is there a lot of mold growing on the roofing in Lancaster? If so, this may indicate a damp problem. If the roof looks quite faded in color and does not change in color when hosed down with water, the material is probably not as strong as it once was. Hazardous or dangerous material on your roof will also affect the quality and if you are constantly trying to maintain it, you should save yourself the hassle and get new roofing installed.

Moisture and Leaks

Now you can start looking at the walls and ceilings from the inside of your property to determine whether or not you require new roofing in Lancaster. Do there appear to be dark, damp patches in the corners of each room? If so, the roof understructure is probably damaged. When this happens, water will not travel away from a property and instead, will collect in certain areas. The longer the water is left on the roof, the more costly repairs and replacements will be.

Energy Loss

Because the cost of living is rising, you will probably notice changes in your energy bills straight away. It is vital that you pay attention to each bill because if you are paying more than you usually would to heat the home, the roof is probably to blame. When roofing in Lancaster is not properly insulated it will release warmth as quickly as it is generated and as a result, you will be paying more money for less heat! Airtight insulation will enable you to get your money’s worth and will improve comfort in the winter months.


When you require new roofing in Lancaster make sure you work with Beiler Brothers Roofing & Siding. This company offers affordable services and guarantees that repairs and new roof installation last for many years without problems. Whether your roof is flat or pitched, you can find something to suit your preferences and budget.


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