Do You Need the Services of an Orthopedic Surgeon in Panama City, FL?

You have a lot of joints and bones in your body. You have over 300 joints and bones. That is why many people see orthopedic specialists regularly. This type of doctor has specialized knowledge of joint and bone health and therefore is adept at diagnosing and treating joint and bone ailments.

Can You Move Your Arms Freely?

If you have problems with range of motion or suffer from chronic pain, you should not delay seeing an orthopedic surgeon in Panama City, FL. If your joints feel increasingly tighter, you need to speak with an orthopedic specialist. Likewise, you need to talk to an orthopedic physician if you have suffered from chronic joint or bone pain for over 12 weeks. While experiencing pain or discomfort is normal when it occurs for a couple of days, you need to speak with a doctor if the pain is ongoing.

Do You Have Problems with Getting up Out of a Chair?

Do you experience any problems when you are getting out of a chair or walking? If so, you need to set an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon and doctor. Tell him or her that you feel a bit wobbly when you perform basic functions such as sitting down, walking, or getting up out of a chair. Feeling shaky in these instances are indicators that you have some type of joint instability. Therefore, you need to have the condition checked.

Can You Handle the Tasks of Daily Living?

Sometimes people experience problems performing daily activities. While joint or bone pain is common in older individuals, it should not keep them from staying active. If you find it increasingly difficult to perform tasks such as walking the dog or climbing up stairs, you need to have the issue addressed. You can do this more easily by consulting with an orthopedic surgeon.

Who to Contact

Any of the above events need to be discussed with a doctor who is well versed in orthopedics. If you feel that you can benefit from a consultation and exam, contact Panhandle Orthopaedics today about your joint or bone concerns. Do not shy away from addressing any problems with mobility or joint and bone pain and discomfort.

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