Do Not Go to Court Without Federal Drug Charge Lawyers in Lancaster County, PA

Anyone charged in a federal drug case needs to hire an attorney. Drug charges are difficult to defend but even more so at a federal level. How do drug cases become federal? Initially, the defendant may be accused of crossing state lines while committing the crime. The accused needs to talk to federal drug charges lawyers in Lancaster County, PA.

Federal vs. State

There are several other ways in which drug charges are federal. For example, the alleged offense may have occurred on federal property. Likewise, an accused drug dealer may be arrested by a federal agent. In addition, one may face federal charges if they are implicated by a federal informant.

Explaining Various Charges

The most common drug offenses include possession, distribution, trafficking and manufacturing. Federal drug distribution and trafficking are similar in that a person is accused of selling drugs. However, individuals are more likely to be charged with trafficking if they are selling a huge quantity of drugs. Drug manufacturing charges also cover drug cultivation. Cultivation is most often used in marijuana cases. On the other hand, manufacturing refers to making substances like LSD, methamphetamine and cocaine.

The government does not have to prove that defendants use drugs to charge them with possession. Indeed, the accused can be charged if the drugs are found in something they control. For example, the owner of a car can be charged with possession even if the drugs belong to a passenger. Interestingly, it is also illegal to possess drug-related paraphernalia.

Harsh Federal Penalties

Federal drug charges lawyers in Lancaster County, PA have their work cut out for them. Defending a federal drug charge is difficult as well as mitigating sentences. The federal government has mandatory minimum sentences for the most minor charges. Further, those convicted of federal drug charges are not eligible for parole; rather, they must serve the full length of their sentence.

One of the main ways lawyers try to fight drug charges is to attack the search. Evidence that is illegally obtained cannot be used against defendants. Sometimes, officials do not have probable cause for a search. If this is the case, lawyers fight to have the evidence thrown out. For more information, contact the Law Office of Melissa R. Montgomery.

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